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Exp/Sp: x15

Adena: x5

Drop chance: x5

Spoil chance: x5

Quest drop: x5

Quest reward: x1

Manor: x5

Raid Boss drop: x3

Epic RB jewel drop: x1

Safe enchant: +3

Max enchant: +16

Normal enchant chance: 55%

Blessed enchant chance: 60%

Elemental stone chance: 50%

Elemental crystal chance: 30%


Anti-feed protection: enabled

Olympiad period: 1 week

Olympiad needs: 6 minimum participants

Class-based oly: disabled

Enchant limit: without limit


 NPC Buffer: with all the important buffs

GM shop: up to low S grade & consumables

Global GK: with all the important zones

Auction house: in Community Board

Bid house: in Community Board



Maximum client per PC: x3 

Buff duration: 2h 

Buff slots: 24 (+4 Divine Inspiration)

Dances & Songs slots: 12

Skills are auto-learn up to Forgotten Scrolls

Automatic loot for Monsters

Manual loot for Raids & Epics

Unique cloaks can be used on all grades of armor

All epic RB spawns are:  retail like

Automatic class transfer npc

Mana potions: 1000 mp / 7 sec CD

Champion monster: 3% chance

Pride of Kamael: self buff

Custom delevel npc

Scammed Clan Epics will be returned to clan leaders


Castle siege: Saturday 6pm / 8pm 

Territory wars: Sunday 8pm 

*server time = UTC +2 

Very limited: Donation Store

Items & Monsters: Database

Ranking system: in community board 

Character control panel: .charpanel

Character information: .myinfo

.buffstore  command will allow u to set offline buffstore

.acc_register  link your account to the email

.accregister  recover all accounts linked to your email

.autocp / .autohp / .automp  auto-use of potions

.changeemail  you can change linked email to your account

.changepassword  you can the change password of your account

.checkbot  report function used to verify bots

.combinetalisman  all duplicate talismans into one

.dressme  you can change visual of your armor, cloak & weapon

.engage  send a marriage proposal to your target

.divorce  you can divorce with your wife or husband

.gotolove  you can teleport to your wife or husband

.exp_on / .exp_off  use to turn exp off / on

.fixme  use to fix a broken character on the same account

.makeancientadena  exchange seal stones to AA

.oly_buff  create buff scheme for olympiad

.sellclan  you can sell your clan with this command

.sellaccount  you can sell your character with this command

.removesecondarypassword  remove secondary password 

.party[message] request additional party member in all chat

.vote vote & use this command to receive your reward


L2Neptune's Admin team is committed to providing the best server to it's community. We are tired of seeing disgruntled players having to start over server after server with the same Corrupt & non active Admins. We wanted to make the best Lineage 2 High Five Server we can to provide players a fresh beginning with an active admin team whom will be on 24/7 for support and events!









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© L2 Neptune server is running under GNU public licence.